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Can my Supa Portable Blender cut through ice and frozen fruit?

Yes! Supa portable Blender can blend through ice and frozen fruit! Make sure that pieces aren’t too big, and if blending slows/stops at any time simply turn your Supa Portable Blender upside down to regain blending speed.

Can my Supa portable blender blend nuts?


What is the capacity of Supa Blender?

It can hold 12 ounces or 380ml. 

How do I clean my blender?

Supa Blender self cleans, just add water with a drop of soap. The jar can also be removed for a more thorough cleaning. Rinse with plain water, and you're ready to blend again.

Can I Fly with my Supa Portable Blender?

It's approval depends on the airlines discretion, but if you bring your Supa portable Blender in your checked bag without any liquid inside then Yes!, you can fly with your Supa Portable Blender.

How many days it takes for my product to be delivered?

We process order on next business day and delivery takes 5 to 12 business days.

Please Note: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic- deliveries are taking little longer than expected. This delay is from Australia Post due to less flights available domestically.

What if I mistakenly entered an incorrect shipping address?

Incase you entered the wrong information, please contact us immediately.

Where to store my Supa Blender?

Your Supa blender can be stored in a cupboard, or anywhere you would store any other cup or blender. We recommend keeping the lid loose rather than tightly closed, to allow any excess water to evaporate

How long does the battery last?

Supa Blender generally produce 8-12 drinks on single charge. However, It is recommended that you do charge Supa blender between uses, when possible.

Is Supa Blender BPA free?

Yes! Supa Blender is BPA free stainless steel and plastic.

How do I check the status of my order?

Upon your order completion, you will receive an email confirming your order, with shipment confirmation and tracking number. If you have any queries about your order status or did not receive the email, please contact us